Friday, December 29, 2006

Miracle on 49th Street by Mike Lupica

Molly Parker is an unusual twelve-year old. When her mom Jen died, she was told who her real father is. That guy was Josh Cameron the MVP of the Boston Celtics. Molly decides to confront Josh but all does not go well. He doesn’t believer her. Molly wants Josh to not only believe her but also to not take a DNA test. That is an odd request and Josh is willing to go along with that. The one final thing that is in her way is Josh’s agent Bobby Fishman. He doesn’t want her around. Even when Molly gets to know Josh Cameron she has to decide if she really wants him for a father. Can Molly see the real Josh and will he want her for a daughter?

Mike Lupica is a good author. I enjoyed this book immensely and had to put it down numerous times so I could get other things done. It’s a wonderful Christmas book with a lot of heart and sports. That part didn’t even bother me at all like I thought it might. I am not a big sports person but this book left me on the edge of my seat. There were emotions and questions on every page.

Being in a situation like Molly is not one I would want to be in. I think she did really well and she was smart with the actions she took. She also wasn’t too smart but that is where the emotions came into play. Josh was so in shock about the whole thing, he wasn’t sure what to do at first. I don’t blame him to have something like sprung on him would have been hard to deal with being a celebrity. I understood that he wanted to make sure she was telling the truth but you would have thought that after reading one of Jen’s letters that it would have brought him around. I guess some people take longer than others. The other person I really likes was Molly’s best friend Sam. He knew a lot about sports but would never play them. He also knew when to joke about stuff to get Molly to smile. That is what good friends do and I could tell that about the two of them. It made me smile too.

I really want people of all ages to read this book even though it is found in the Teen Fiction section of bookstores and libraries. I recommend this one very highly and it is a very good Christmas book to read. I give it a 6/5 cause I enjoyed it that much! I am even thinking about reading the other two books by Mike Lupica in the future.