Tuesday, October 23, 2007

You've Been Warned by James Patterson and Howard Roughan

Kristin Burns loves taking care of Dakota and Sean. Her job as a nanny is very fulfilling. She is just waiting for her life as a photographer to start. She is in love with a man and he is almost hers. She can only hope it will happen soon. But fear starts to enter her life and she sees things that no one else seems to see or know.

Normally I really like a James Patterson, but this one feel flat. I read it quickly but it just seemed odd to me. There was not much substance but it was not exactly fluff either. It was just a weird book that I just cannot recommend.

Kristin whines all the time and lives a lot of that behind her camera lense. Now having said that, she seems like a nice person but carrying on with the man she does is not so smart. She is deluding herself I think in a lot of ways. Yet she cannot seem to get herself to understand that. Her dreams become more vivid and real and then she starts to think she is living them.

It is not a badly written novel. It is well written but was odd and strange. I only hope his novels get better cause this was a serious disappointment.
James Patterson/ Howard Roughan/ Thriller/ 376 pages/ Fiction/ 3 out of 5

Now I am reading Away by Amy Bloom though I just started it. So I hope this one better.