Friday, October 01, 2010

September Stats and Reads


1.Handle with Care by Jodi Picoult 9-1-10 through 9-22-10 A+ (another favorite)
2.Homemade Life by Molly Wizenburg 09-02-10 through 09-06-10 A+ (Another favorite)
3.Water Witch by Deborah LeBlanc 09-06-10 through 09-09-10 B
4.Death and The Easter Bunny by Linda Berry 09-11-10 through 09-15-10 A
5.Death and the Hubcap by Linda Berry 09-16-10 through 9-20-10 A
6.Murder is Binding by Lorna Barrett 09-27-10 through 09-30-10 A+
7.Monkey With A Tool Belt by Chris Monroe 09-30-10 A

Total Books Read: 7
New Authors: 5
Fiction: 6
Non-Fiction: 1
Mystery: 3
Romance: 0
From the stacks: 6
Books for Review:1
Books I Bought:3
Total pages read: 1965 pages

Cozy Mystery Challenge: I wanted to read 7 to 10 book and I read 8! I'll make a wrap up blog tomorrow.

Off to go start my book club book Eat Pray Love!

Monkey with a Tool Belt by Chris Monroe

Chico Bon Bon is a monkey with a tool belt. He fixes anything and if he makes a mistake he'll fix that too. An organ grinder finds Chico and kidnaps him to make Chico his new show monkey. They take a long trip to the circus. Can Chico get away with the help of his tool belt?

Ms. Monroe wrote a fantastic and imaginative story. My six year old picked this book out of his school library for the title alone I am sure. He read most of the book but once the organ grinder had kidnapped Chico, there were too many words for him to read. So I finished up the book.

He laughed and really seemed to enjoy the book. I loved the illustrations. They were very well done. The tools went from the ones I have heard of to ones I am sure she created. But every tool on Chico's tool belt had a purpose. I see there are more in this series and I would love to see what Chico does next!

Chris Monroe/New Author/32 pages/ Monkey/ Tools/Children's fiction/ 4 out of 5

FTC: My son got this from his school library. I can't wait to finish the book he got from the library today!!