Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Dead Room by Heather Graham

Leslie MacIntyre is still getting over the loss of her fiancé one year later. She loves her job as an archeologist. But she still is learning to come to terms with the fact that she now sees the dead. Now she has come back to Hastings House, where her fiancé Matt died. She is looking at uncovering the past at an old burial ground. The ghosts in the house can tell her secrets about the past as well as the present where women are disappearing at an alarming rate and never being seen again. Matt comes to her in dreams only but his cousin Joe can help her now and hopefully keep her safe. But she knows that she has to face the evil around her and not even the men she loves can help her then.

This one pulled at me more than most of Heather Graham’s books ever have. The idea of a lost love and secrets are something that keeps me turning pages. I had to find out who was behind the disappearance of all the women as well as who had it out for Leslie. I also liked the fact that she brought back some characters from a previous book. The setting for the story was so perfect because there truly is a city under the city. It really gave it a depth of believability that I find lacking sometimes in other authors. But not with this author’s stories!

I really loved Leslie as a character because she had to know the truth even if it was not a good. She just had to know and lay the past to rest. Joe, Matt’s cousin, was there for her every step of the way once they met. Joe seemed to be falling for her and was not sure that was such a good idea. He was going to be protective of her no matter what cause he could tell there was something going on that was pure evil. I also really liked Greta the woman who kept watch over the Historical society in New York. She became very helpful and I truly enjoyed her. She was a sweet woman who wanted to protect the historical buildings.

This book was so good. I enjoyed it as well as the past characters coming back. It was quite the page-turner. This paranormal story was a good one and full of secrets and history. I can’t say that enough. I give this story a 5 out of 5 because it truly held my interest and kept it for the entire run. I do have to say I didn’t like the ending. But well you never truly get satisfied sometimes. Endings are never the same for books and that is what makes each one unique. I cannot wait to read more of her works.

379 pages/Heather Graham/Suspense/Ghosts/ 5 out of 5
The books I recommend to read are not in a series but do have recurring characters. The books should be read in this order Haunted, Ghost Walk, The Dead Room. Well no off to read two books to read and review.