Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Secret Thief by Judith Jaeger

Connie doesn’t want to help her grandmother clean up the house since it is sold. That means giving up her summer before she starts to teach. Her mother pushes her into it, so Connie finally gives in. Her grandmother always is rough with her so she is not sure she wants to go out there. Yet while cleaning and going through boxes, she finds things she never knew about. She begins to question the things her mother told her and wonders what really is the truth.

Ms. Jaeger has such a way with words. I could feel into Connie’s heart. The small town was a hoot and it came alive in this story. Secrets are often hid back past things. I was pleased not only with how things came out but the ending of this story.

Connie does not mind using the five-finger discount but then she wonders if she is really doing her self any good. The things she has been told while growing up suddenly sound false. But she has to figure out what is the truth and what isn’t. It’s going to be tough but she might just finally see the world for what it really is. The grandmother keeps things close to her heart to make sure things don’t repeat themselves. Connie’s mother is very controlling and must keep things in order. She is hurt by the decisions she made in life and now feels better once she is able to control things.

This is a book full of ups and down but when you close it, you’ll just feel like everything was pretty much figured out. There aren’t many lingering questions but that is a nice change. The author truly lets you into the mind of Connie so you can see where she is coming from.

Judith Jaeger/ New Author/ 194 pages/ Family/ Secrets/ 4 out of 5

Well off to read the author of the month. :) Then another one from the stacks. :)