Saturday, May 30, 2009

BackSpin by Harlan Coben

Myron Bolitar is over his head. Helping people is what Myron does best. But when the person is a golfer, Myron doesn't understand the game at all. He just knows a golfer's son has been kidnapped but the problem is that he really isn't sure about the kidnapping. The only other problem he has is that Win refuses to help him. This could make the case go horribly wrong.

Mr. Coben does it again! There are definitely some tense moments in this book but I fought to put it down to get things done. Myron is definitely challenged in this book and Mr. Coben shows it on every page. The situations in this book pull at you and even I began to wonder if Myron could solve this case. There were too many unknowns and too many questions. The twist at the end left me speechless. He surprised me yet again. That is why this author is always at the top of my list.

Myron still fought for his relationship with Jessica. Esperanza put some new demands on him but they were completely understandable. It might just change their relationship but hopefully for the better. Just have to wait and see how it plays out. Esperanza doesn't hold back her thoughts or feelings and that's what makes her such a great character. Win wasn't in the book a whole lot but when he was, you could see how much he was fighting the emotions. He wants to help his best friend but situations held him back. Their friendship was seriously tested but even Myron knew when to back off.

This series keeps getting better and better. I am so glad that I have quite a few books left to read especially the latest one. Mr. Coben keeps you guessing and the twists are ones that even I didn't see. The tension is well placed and Mr. Coben deals it out in the right doses. I hope to read the next book soon cause I cannot wait to see what happens next. Hopefully Myron won't be completely out of his element the next time.

Harlan Coben/ Myron Bolitar Series/ Adult Fiction/ Mystery/368 pages/4 out of 5

Off to non-fiction, but at over 700 pages not sure I'll finish by Sunday. :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A World I Never Made by James LePore

Patrick Nolan gets a call from Paris, France about his daughter who committed suicide. He shows up to identify the body only to see that it isn't his daughter. Not sure what is going on, he goes along with her story. She must be in trouble and Patrick must find her. Then maybe things will make sense. Megan Nolan has always been carefree about her relationships since being a freelance writer gave her so much freedom. Now she is involved with a man who could threaten her entire world. But he could also give her the big break she needs. But is it worth it?

Mr. LePore has a fantastic thriller on his hands. There is more to this story than I could see just by reading the back of the book. The depth of the feelings of the characters definitely pulls you in and makes you want to read more. The headings with the time frame really moved the story along and helped keep a good handle on which story was being told whether it was Megan's or Patrick's. The minor characters had their place too because without them; the plot would have been very dull.

Patrick sees how he's messed up over the years and wants to help his daughter. But the situation will be more than he can handle. It will test him and put him in way over his head. Yet the main thing he focuses on is his daughter. Megan has always been rather non-chalant about her relationships. The man she meets on the train will show her how much she has to learn.

This was a book that grabbed a hold of me from the beginning. The twists and turns plotted will keep you turning pages. Mr. LePore took a world that is ever present in our minds and showed what it's effects could be on a young woman who is vulnerable but refuses to show it. It sweeps her up and shows her all that she has to learn still. The rules are broken and Patrick Nolan can only hope that it'll be enough.

James LePore/ New Author/ Thriller/272 pages/ Book for Review/ 5 out of 5

This was a great book and I love reading new authors. I don't remember what is next on the pile but I'll sure the review should be up soon! :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Unspoken by Angela Hunt

Glee Granger had always loved animals especially gorillas. Her life revolved around Sema, who she had taken care of since Sema was just hours old. They are able to “talk” using sign language. Sema isn't Glee's since she technically belongs to the zoo. Now, they want Sema back and though reluctant Glee agrees. It's the only way to keep working with Sema. One event changes it all and Glee begins to question all that she knows.

Ms. Hunt captivates her readers with such great characters. This author has been one of my favorites for a long time. She expresses in words what may be difficult to understand any place else. The situations described in this book inspired by actual events just blew my mind. Ms. Hunt certainly did her research and expounded on it. It is fiction but starting sooner who knows what we can accomplish in the animal world. Ms. Hunt shows again why she is good not only thinking outside the box but putting feeling behind it as well.

Glee questioned, struggled, and truly wanted the best for Sema. I cheered as she worked through everything and was in awe of the turn around. Glee certainly had a long road ahead of her but Sema was optimistic through it all. The director of the zoo bugged me to no end. I understand that his job is not easy but when it comes to zoos, the animals matter the most. The other minor characters all played their part. I don't want to give anything away.

This is one book that will make you wonder and question. It is very emotional so keep tissues nearby. This is one author who has not let me down ever! I'm throughly impressed and hope there are many more books to come.

Angela Hunt/ Christian Fiction/ Animals/336 pages/ 5 out of 5

This is one book that I didn't mean to read in one day. Opps! lol I'll pick up something else tomorrow. Off to bed I go.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Anna and the King of Siam by Margaret Landon

The journey Anna Leonowens takes in this book is best known in the musical The King and I. There is quite a bit in the book that is not in the movie. The struggles are not easy and there are quite a few times that Anna wants to give up. She deals with the whim of a spoiled man, the King of Siam. But then that is how it's always been and she has a long way to go to get him to understand how to work with her.

Ms. Landon certainly did her research. She had the privilege of talking to people who knew Anna and that was so amazing!! I was blown away with the knowledge and how she imparted the stories that Anna wrote and put them into the story. There was a lot of culture in this book that you didn't get from the musical. There is only so much time to do much in the musical.

I liked the story even though at times it dragged. There was a lot of background information not only about the king, but included his harem, the Second King, and Anna's life growing up. Such a well rounded picture of a story that I haven't read such like it in a long time. If while reading the story, it seems to go really slow, keep it up! It is worth and the ending is the best! I was blown away not only by what Anna has been able to accomplish but how her influence helped shape a new King for the country of Siam to some extent. This is one story though partially fiction that I won't forget for a long time!

Margaret Landon/Siam/Anna Leonowens/416 pages/ Historical/5 out of 5

With the heat wave today, I was impressed that I finished this. Tomorrow a new book and hopefully this one won't take me so long.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Hold Tight by Harlan Coben

A kid's suicide sets two families on edge. But no one knows it better than the kid's best friend Adam. His parents start noticing a change in him but are at a loss at how to help. They do the only thing that they can think of ... spy on him. Yet what they find leaves more questions than answers.

Mr. Coben spins a tale with twists and turns that will leave you guessing till the end. Or at least that is how it is with me. The connections in the story will leave you scratching your head. How he comes up with this stuff surprises me every time. Being a parent, on the other hand, this book truly made me think. It raised a lot of questions in my mind and I hope that I can do the best possible with my son.

The experiences both Tia and Mike as well as Betsy and Ron went through were heart breaking. They had done their best to raise their sons but one was gone. The struggle they dealt with was one a lot of parents struggle with. Are you raising your kids right?

I really did enjoy this book as much as it scared me at times. It all was affected by how I am a mom too. This book makes you think and Mr. Coben did a fantastic job since he is a parent as well. I definitely cannot wait to see what he comes up with next and I still have to get through the rest of his Myron series.

Harlan Coben/ Fiction/ Thriller/ Families/ 416 pages/ 5 out of 5

Off to another fiction book. :)Its called Anna and the King of Siam. :)

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Teddi Gallo lives a life full of rules. She isn't always sure of them all but she is starting to feel like she is going crazy. The past is creeping up on her and that certainly isn't helping. She must get a handle on things or she may just become her mother. The last thing that she wants in the world. But can she figure out what is making her lose her mind?

Ms. Mittman takes a world full of problems and somehow finds humor in the little things. There were a lot of ups and downs but the friendships found for Teddi kept her going. The situations were interesting and you could really see how important her friends were to Teddi. Now she never over stepped her bounds but she kept them in mind. Always making sure to check on them.

Her children kept me in stitches. My only one isn't as old as any of them but I guess I better be prepared for whatever is in style. Teddi's mother was an interesting woman. She had tragedy in her life but never really seemed to get over it. Now mind you, it wasn't an easy situation either but I felt that there should have been some progress.

Right now, I am not sure I'll pick up the rest of the series. I have too many of my own books I'd like to read. Plus the first one hit a little too close to home. Teddi is well-written and she does learn to stand on her own two feet a little more. Yes, spouses are there for support but when you're alone at home all day, you need to figure out how to do some things on your own. Ms. Mittman definitely has a good series too bad it had to be ended so quickly. I wish her much success in whatever she writes next.

Stevi Mittman/ Chick-lit/ 304 pages/ New Author/ 3.5 out of 5

I am almost done with the book I am currently reading but have a movie to watch today! So we'll see, I might have double reviews posted.

Monday, May 04, 2009

April Stats and Reads

Here are the books I read:
1.The Stamp of Glory by Tim Stafford 03-26-09 through04-03-09 C
2.Something Rotten by Jasper Fforde 04-08-09 through04-27-08 A+
3.Love at First Flight by Elizabeth Strohfus and Cheryl J. Young 04-28-09 A+
4.The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger 04-28-09 through 4-29-09 C+
5.Who Makes the Rules Anyways? By Stevi Mittman 04-29-09 through 04-30-09 B

Total Books Read: 5
New Authors: 4
Fiction: 4
Non-Fiction: 1
Chunksters: 1
Romance: 0
Mystery: 1
From the Stacks: 4
Books for Review: 0
Books I Bought: 0
Total Pages Read: 1, 536 pages

Well I'll post my review of Who Makes The Rules Anyway tomorrow. :) Off to get some laundry done.