Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Rich Die Young by Carolyn G. Hart

Ann Farrell goes back to her old school to teach. She needs to do something to take her mind off things. She finds a horrible threatening note in her desk and is shocked. Then she comes across the body of a student at the bottom of a barranca. She cannot believe that he was the one who wrote the notes but has no proof either way. She decides to ask some questions. Along the way she finds herself attracted to the policeman on case Alonzo Fox. Before she can answer all the questions, she will face a deadly killer.

Ms. Hart has vastly improved between this book and the last one I read. Mind you there was not much of a happy ending but I didn’t feel quite so confused and stunned at the ending. Her writing is getting better and I know these are older books so I am curious to see what her writing looks like now. I’ll get there. I am glad I picked up a second book by this author. It was well worth my time.

Ann is someone who is nosey and I liked that about her. She wanted the truth to be told and clear the student’s name. Alonzo Fox was a sweetheart. It was fun to read about the two of them. The relationship was only in the beginning stages when the book ended but that was okay with me. The other teachers had their issues but then that made it more interesting. The reasons for all the pink notes were intriguing. I felt bad that they might have come out but you’d think people would be more careful.

This was a good mystery and the outcome surprised me. I didn’t see it coming. Definitely a good author and one I want to read more by her. Yeah, there were loose ends but nearly as many as the last book. They just keep getting better thank goodness!

Carolyn G. Hart/Mystery/ 179 pages/ 4 out of 5

I am off to read couple more reivew books and then back to my own pile. lol