Saturday, February 24, 2007

Coroner'sJournal: Stalking Death in Louisiana by Louis Cataldie M.D.

A look into a life of mysteries is what I found this book to be. Mr. Cataldie is an expressive writer who really gets to the heart of the matter. He tells about his life as a coroner in Louisiana and all the different cases he has dealt with whether it was a suicide or a serial killer. I really felt a part of his life and this book touched the very depths of my soul.

It is not an easy book to read because there are some gruesome details. But there are no pictures at all in the book so you can only imagine what he came across. CSI and other shows only give you a glimpse where as this book smacks of reality and I truly appreciated that. At times, I felt he went a little overboard but it was needed to get the big picture of what his life was like during that time. Being a coroner, he stared death in the face on a daily basis, which often interrupted his family time. Yet they understood that this is what he had to do and it was his job.

This book was amazingly well done and I was completely fascinated with it. I give it a 5/5 because so often most people want to sugar coat the truth. Mr. Cataldie did not subscribe to that way of thinking. He made sure everything was known that he could share about each and every case. He was blunt honest and I really got a good grasp on what life like that is. It’s not pretty, easy, or enjoyable. But someone has to give these people some rest and help their families get closure. So that is what Mr. Cataldie attempts to do each day. I highly recommend it because he is so honest about everything. It was a breath of fresh air and I truly enjoyed it even though I had to put it down to eat.

Now onto another review book. :) I hope to post a review about Herself once it is published. :) Night!