Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Fashion Hound Murders by Elaine Viets

Josie Marcus gets a call from her boss Harry. He has another place for her to mystery shop. It's a pet store that has been in the news and Josie is more than reluctant to help them out. Even if they did ask for her specifically. Finally gives in but is less than happy about it. Alyce comes along with her. Pets 4 Luv has been accused of taking puppy mill dogs. She just hopes that she is wrong. While working the case, she has a chance to go visit a puppy mill and is more determined to help. But when a pet shop employee gets killed over talking to her, Josie is in way over her head. She begins to question taking the job.

Ms. Viets has done her research and puts everything well balanced. There are some funny moments but serious ones as well. She really puts her heart into the story. I was very impressed with how well the story flowed no matter what the mood was. Everything comes alive on the page.

Josie really is doing her best. I am so surprised at the work she does and how difficult it is. Being like every one else isn't easy and she has to blend in without standing out. Alyce is always a helpful friend who helps her to blend in even more. Amelia keeps her level headed. Amelia is also quite the smart mouth kid and keeps things in perspective. Jane, Josie's mom, may have quite the bark to her but in reality it is just a cover for watching over her daughter.

This series keeps getting better. It definitely gets personal. I hope things settle down for Josie. That girl has more ups and downs in her life than a roller coaster sometimes. I also am learning to appreciate the things that secret shoppers do as having experience with them in my personal job. I'm on the edge of my seat just hoping there are more books in this series to come!

Elaine Viets/ Cozy Mystery/ 304 pages/ Secret Shopper/ Family/5 out of 5

So glad to read the first one in the cozy mystery challenge. I am hoping to read more next month.