Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Anna and the King of Siam by Margaret Landon

The journey Anna Leonowens takes in this book is best known in the musical The King and I. There is quite a bit in the book that is not in the movie. The struggles are not easy and there are quite a few times that Anna wants to give up. She deals with the whim of a spoiled man, the King of Siam. But then that is how it's always been and she has a long way to go to get him to understand how to work with her.

Ms. Landon certainly did her research. She had the privilege of talking to people who knew Anna and that was so amazing!! I was blown away with the knowledge and how she imparted the stories that Anna wrote and put them into the story. There was a lot of culture in this book that you didn't get from the musical. There is only so much time to do much in the musical.

I liked the story even though at times it dragged. There was a lot of background information not only about the king, but included his harem, the Second King, and Anna's life growing up. Such a well rounded picture of a story that I haven't read such like it in a long time. If while reading the story, it seems to go really slow, keep it up! It is worth and the ending is the best! I was blown away not only by what Anna has been able to accomplish but how her influence helped shape a new King for the country of Siam to some extent. This is one story though partially fiction that I won't forget for a long time!

Margaret Landon/Siam/Anna Leonowens/416 pages/ Historical/5 out of 5

With the heat wave today, I was impressed that I finished this. Tomorrow a new book and hopefully this one won't take me so long.