Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Slightly Psychic by Sandra Steffen

I just finished this book and here is my review. :)

Lila Delaney has never claimed to be a psychic but she has been known to have a few times where she has known things that no one else has. Well after having a dream about Hailey Baxter who has been missing, she decides to contact the police. Well when they find Hailey, she is tied up to a bed, like in her dream, but her fiancé is there as well. She falls apart and moves to Murray, Virginia to a house that she inherited. But an unsolved case there grabs her attention. But can she be of help or is she only slightly psychic?

Sandra Steffan is a wonderful romance writer. I found her story to be uplifting as well as enjoyable. I couldn't believe how clean it was but the tension was there and so was the passion. I loved the characters and found them to be very real. This was the first book I have read by her and her style is so refreshing.

Lila was my favorite not just because she was the main character. She got thrust into the spotlight and had to learn to deal with it. I was impressed with how well she handled things. Her best friend Penelope was something else though. She was a high society person but could stand on her own two feet. The antics of those two had me laughing throughout the book. I also really liked Joe McCaffrey. He happened to be the love interest of Lila but he had a hand in the unsolved case. He stood on the sidelines for a while assessing the situation and how Lila coming to Murray would affect the town. He was a sweetheart just was a very cautious one.

Ms. Steffan can write a good romance and I hope to read more by her soon. I give this book a 4/5. I am happy that a friend of mine had read it because that is how I found out about it. I love paranormal type books with a little romance too. I am a hopeless romantic since this book suited me very well. It was a very sweet and touching book that I highly recommend.

I am so glad Nancy read it. I don't remember what she thought of it but I enjoyed it a lot! Now off to another romance. :)