Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Settling of Accounts by Carolyn G. Hart

Kay has to take the place for her partner Melissa when she falls and gets hurt. Kay does not want to go back to London where her past as a secret agent took place during World War 2. Once she arrives, she feels like she is being watched and cannot figure out whom it could be that would do such a thing. But going to the auction is what really sets her on her toes; she sees a face from the past. And there seems to be an account that needs to be settled but what will it take?

Ms. Hart really knows how to keep you in suspense. This book was published in the 1970’s but it falls flat some times. There were some things in this book that didn't make sense even though they were clearly explained. Sometimes the characters just went too far and told everything. Yet the ending was what bothered me the most. I never knew how the last situation turned out. It was very frustrating. I don’t like it when strings are not wrapped up. Well at least not one or two of them because I am not looking for a happily ever after just to understand who survived and who didn’t. Maybe I am asking for too much.

Kay had a privileged life and she didn’t understand that the friendships she made could be harmful for her. Her niece Julie had a better understanding of that and she was the one who came to look for her aunt. I liked the young Angus who was in this book because he understood the extreme situation that Kay and Julie were in. Yet it never seemed to be enough though, the police didn’t want to do anything. That was believable but yet not enough.

I hate giving bad reviews but this book just flopped for me. All the facts presented made sense and they fit together. Yet the ending was what made me so upset. Oh, well. I have another book coming from this author and ironically it was written after this one. So I am hoping it will go better than this one.
Carolyn G. Hart/ New Author/ Author of the Month/ 185 pages/ 2 out of 5