Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lust in Translation by Pamela Druckerman

It’s crazy to think that books are written about this topic but I was mildly interested to see what this author would have to say. She gave a lot of facts and figures but it all came down to the simple fact that people do cheat on their spouses. Oddly enough, preconceived notions about who does the best or not true at all. Italians and Latin Americans are on the low scale for cheating while Togo and Cameron are the highest. That surprised me a lot; I would have thought it would have been what I had always believed. Though there are some countries that do not talk about sex at all like Russia, there are countries like South Africa where they should not be so much going on but that is the opposite case. With the spread of aids, you’d think that would slow things down but not at all. Then there are men who live double lives in China and the wives would rather not know that it happens. Or in countries where polygamy is accepted, it is not considered cheating.

Ms. Druckerman does her best to get statistics but finds it is not an easy task if morals are not where they should be. Or people just don’t want to admit to what they are doing at all. Now mind you some people feel no guilt at all like in China where there is a village of second wives. Or here in America where truth must be told and things can change. Some people never are able to get over it.

After reading this book, I definitely do not want to cheat. Whether I would feel guilty or not, there is a lot of possibilities, I could get sick or get pregnant and it is sincerely not worth the risk or excitement. I need to learn to do better about enjoying what I have than wanting something I do not. Life has moments where they could be heated up or cooled down; weathering the difference is not easy. That is why I read as many romance novels as I do, so I can appreciate what I do have and maybe learn something from them. I appreciated everything Ms. Druckerman had to say for her complete honesty and wanting to figure out what is truly going on in the world of infidelity.

Pamela Druckerman/ New Author/ Non-fiction/ 304 pages/ 4 out of 5

This is a book I got requested to review. Defintely an eye opening book. Now off to An Incomplete Revenge by Jacueline Winspear.