Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hide by Lisa Gardner

Annabelle Granger is used to packing light and being on the run. She has been hidden for so long until an underground grave is found with six bodies in it. The problem is that one of them has a locket she got as a child so they are claiming she is dead. Annabelle knows otherwise but is she willing to come out of hiding to help solve a case? Bobby Dodge now works for the state police in Massachusetts. He needs to figure out who killed the six girls but the only person he has to help him is Annabelle. Not only is that tough but he has to team up again with D.D. Warren who he used to be lovers with. Can everything work or is someone in danger?

Lisa Gardner does it again! I was on the edge of my seat the entire book. I had to find out what was going to happen. Ms. Gardner knows how to suck you into a story till the very last sentence. Once the whole plot was laid out, I was frustrated that I had no clue that had done it. No unnecessary words were used but the time it took to figure out things seemed very real. That is one of the most important things I like about this author, she knows how to keep things looking real to me. It takes forever to get something researched but that is how it is in real life.

When I started this book, I had a feeling of deja vu. But then I realized I knew some of the characters because I read the book Alone. Once I figured that out, I felt like I had come home again. I loved these characters and it was great to read how things had changed for them and how they were moving on. Annabelle was my favorite. She really was trying to rebuild her life but circumstances beyond her control were keeping her back. Bobby Dodge was a man who still wrestled with things. But that is one of the best things about him; he really wanted to make sure he knew what he was doing. Other times, instinct kicked him and he just moved as fast as he possibly could. D.D. was her old stubborn self but it was nice to see that she had not let anything go to hear head.

You have to read Alone first because there is a ton of referencing back to it but it was a great book! I give it a 5/5 because this author never ceases to disappoint me. I was very impressed and I can’t wait to get through her other books. I highly recommend this one even though it is gruesome.

Now off to try to read 2 romance novels! AHHHHHHHH!