Monday, January 19, 2009

No Angel by Penny Vincenzi

The Lytton family own the publishing company Lytton's. Celia had her sights on getting Oliver and once she had him, life was sweet! Yet when World War 2 hit, life changed. Celia is bored and wants things to do. She meets Sylvia Miller and helps her with her daughter Barty. But the worst decision of all has to do with Sebastian Brooke. It could cost her so much. From the Edwardian Era to the roaring 20's, this family will go through it all but can they survive?

Ms. Vencenzi writes a family saga that puts you through all the emotions. You get to see the family grow and develop and go through some tough times. The rich plot and characters pull you in even though you may have never experience what they go through. You cheer and root for them and want to see what will happen next. Drama all over the place leads you to find that this family is far from perfect.

Celia wants to fee accepted and loved not only by the company that is part of her life with her husband but by her own family. Her children are not used to seeing her around much but does that make her a bad mom? Oliver wants to keep the company afloat with his older sister's help. He wants to make his dad proud. LM wants just to have a great life but it will throw her a curve ball she isn't expecting. Jack has to find his place in the world but will it be with his own family?

Things are up and down but turning pages won't be a problem. They'll zip faster than you can imagine. There is so much going on but character names aren't difficult to balance and things are fairly easy to follow. Being a first in a trilogy, I definitely want to read the rest! This is a new author that I enjoyed immensely!

Penny Vincenzi/New Author/ Chunkster/ 836 pages/ Family/ England/ 4 out of 5

Off to a couple short stories and hopefully one more chunkster this month!