Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Last Child In The Woods by Richard Louv

Richard Louv expresses in a lot of words what kids today need. Nature. At times, I found I agreed with him. Though I think he went a little overboard in making his point honestly. He used quite a few examples of people who either were environmentalists now or were involved in nature some how. He also showed examples of how nature helped in the school systems by giving kids a good handle on putting what they learn in class in practice. I was impressed and remembered how much I enjoyed getting out in nature on Earth Day to clean up around the school and down the one trail we had.

Richard Louv definitely helped in a lot of ways. I enjoyed all of what he had to say and the progress report he had since his book first published in 2005. Things have gotten better but there is definitely more that we can do. I remember when I was younger how much free time I had playing outdoors. I realize it is a different world now but I see exactly what he has in mind. People do not realize how much nature has to offer. I am definitely all for working on getting child out of the indoors and outside where true imagination can come into play.

Richard Louv/ New Author/ Non-fiction/ 390 pages/ Children/ Nature/ 4 out of 5