Sunday, August 02, 2009

July Stats and Reads

I was hoping to finish one more but that didn't happen. Sooo, here is my list of books and stats.

1.Thursday Next by Jasper Fforde 07-01-09 through07-04-09 A
2.Dating Games by Leigh Michaels 07-05-09 through 07-06-09 A+
3.One False Move by Harlan Coben 07-06-09 through 07-07-09 A
4.The Note by Angela Hunt 07-08-09 through 07-09-09 A+ (fav this year)
5.The Fairy Rebel by Lynne Reid Banks 07-10-09 through 7-12-09 A+
6.The Great Influenza by John M. Barry 07-12-09 through 07-25-09 B
7.Austenland by Shannon Hale 07-25-09 through 07-28-09 A+ (Another fav)
8.Waiting to surface by Emily Listfield-DNF

Total Books I Read: 7
New Authors: 4
Non-fiction: 1
Chunkster: 1
Romance: 1
From the Stacks: 5
Books for Review: 1
Books I Bought: 0
Total Pages Read: 2, 173 pages

I rarely have a DNF or Do Not Finish but this one was just way too depressing and just didn't grab my attention. Other things to get done today. Just wanted to make a quick post!