Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Note by Angela Hunt

Peyton MacGruder works hard for writing her column for the Tampa Times and is single. Yet when she learns her column “The Heart Healer” is ranked last in a reader poll, she is only given two weeks to turn it around. Then the unthinkable happens. PanWorld Flight 848 crashes and bursts into flames. Peyton is given a note in a plastic bag that is washed up onto the shore. This just might be what she is looking for and since there is not a lot of indicators she must search to find the intended for the note. She's determined to give the note to the intended owner. But as the story gains national attention, there is a lot more that Peyton will have to battle besides her emotions.

Ms. Hunt has always been a favorite author of mine. I've had this book for quite some time and was so glad to read another one of her stories. The emotion, the passion, and how she backs everything up with biblical things just blows me away every time. Ms. Hunt gets to the heart of the matter and doesn't let go till your own emotions are pulled to the surface. The characters are not perfect and you just hope to see things get better and that there is some resolution.

Peyton keeps her heart close and rarely reaches out to other people. This note handed to her changes her view of things and she begins to question the decisions she has made for her own life. The voice of reason often comes from her former boss Kingston Bernard. He is there when she truly needs a friend and offers her help with interviewing the possibilities she has for the intended of the note.

This story full of emotions truly showed how reconciliation is important since you never know when something may happen to take away that chance. Ms. Hunt gives you great insight to each characters' view of Peyton that she comes in contact with or works with. I truly appreciated that and never felt that it pulled away from the story itself. It only added a greater depth and insight that I found very helpful. This book may have just become my favorite of the year. Definitely a book to have tissues near by.

Angela Hunt/ Tragedy/ Christian Fiction/ 320 pages/ 5 out of 5

The book was much better than the movie since it was easier to follow in some aspects. It's not a horrible movie but the changes they made to it, I really didn't care for. They pushed some things for dramatic effect or genders that I found unnecessary. All in all, both are well done but pick up the book first if you are able. Sometime this weekend, I plan on picking up a young adult book that I've had for quite some time!