Thursday, February 26, 2009

Love in the Fast Lane by Jenna McKnight

Scotty Templeton loved being a race car driver. But an unexpected ghost threw him for a loop literally. He got injured and had to listen to the ghost or his life would never be the same. Maggie Cooper had her life all mapped out. Yet even her boyfriend felt lacking. When she meets hot headed Scotty, things heat up in more ways than one. The ghost wants something accomplished but Scotty wasn't sure he could keep his hands off Maggie and follow instructions. Each of them is determined who will win?

Ms. McKnight did her research with this one down to the tiniest detail. That impressed me as well as the characters that had me in stitches. From Grammy, Ruby, down to Coop (the ghost) himself. A lot of things were on the line but humor was still there. She played the serious parts very well as making sure that the humor stayed throughout.

Maggie's last desire is to fall in love with a race car driver after all her previous experience hadn't always been so great. Her dad was rarely there or they were on the road with him. Scotty was definitely hot headed but more than anything he wanted that ghost gone. Grammy wanted to see Maggie happy but knew that there was going to be a fight on her hands. Coop wanted to take care of some final things so his family could be set for life.

This book was one fast paced ride! I couldn't get enough of the heat between Scotty and Maggie. Yet I knew there had to be more than just heat to keep the two of them together. Ms. McKnight weaved a story that captured my attention from the beginning. Having chatted with her only made me more intrigued to read this story and am happy to finally take it off my to be read pile. The minor characters have a part to play as well and made the story so much more fun! Definitely an author I want to read more of her work!

Jenna McKnight/ New Author/Romance/ Ghosts/Racing/384 pages/ 4 out of 5

This is a great book and onto my non-fiction for the month!!