Monday, February 26, 2007

Herself by Leslie Carroll

I finished this one last week and was not sure if I could post it since it is a First Look book and not available till tomorrow. I talked to another friend of mine who reviews for Harper Collins and she told me that she had asked the very same question. I found out that I could so here you go!

Tessa Craig is a woman of the world who loves her job and her boyfriend. Even though their relationship is a secret since she is his speechwriter. David Weyburn has a scandal hitting him regarding his sexual orientation and decides that their relationship is over because he needs to focus on his campaign. Hurt and distraught, Tessa turns to her friend Venus and cousin Imogen for help in what to do now with her life in shambles. They suggest a trip to figure out her life and to go to Ireland. In Ireland, all things seem wonderful and she even gets a tour guide along the way. Her tour with Jamie helps her to finally find the greatest treasure of all. Herself.

Leslie Carroll is an amazing writer and I enjoyed how she put this story together. Ireland is one of my favorite spots in the entire world and going on another journey there was an amazing experience. She puts feelings in her characters that radiates off the pages. The images she creates in this story were so real to me.

I truly felt for Tessa because that kind of situation must be horrible to go through. She was able to stay true to who she is and learn from the experience. I admired her for that quality. I also loved Jamie Doyle but I have always had a weakness for Irishmen. I thought that their love story was really good! I enjoyed it a lot.

I would recommend this book because not only do you get to learn about a great country but also you get to see it from a local’s point of view, which is even better! I am sure Ms. Carroll did a lot of research but she presented it in a very welcoming manner. I was impressed! 5/5 296 pages

Right now I am working on Flesh and Bone by Jefferson Bass, the second novel in the Body Farm series. :)