Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ireland by Frank Delaney

Ronan O'Mara, at the age of nine, has a life changing experience when a story teller comes to stay at his house. For three nights, he is captivated by the stories told at his fire place. The story teller is banished from the house for blasphemy. From there, Ronan wants to know more about the history of Ireland but longs to find the Story Teller.

Mr. Delaney weaves history into this fiction that blew me away. Some of the events told are too old to know what really happened. Yet everything is set before you like you are actually there while it is happening. Mr. Delaney has a way of putting you right in the midst of the story. I was blown away not only by the details but how each story was laid out. It was never so long that it overwhelmed you and the jumps between the stories and Ronan's story flowed so easily.

Ronan's love of history is cultivated by the Story Teller and encouraged by his father. His mother is a bit quiet but you can tell that she loves him in her own way. His aunt Kate gushes over him when his mother either can't or won't. It's not always easy to distinguish what her reasons were. John, Ronan's father, makes sure to help Ronan in his love of history in every possible way that he can. Even if it means he takes him on trips to go see people who might help them on his journey.

This book was so good that I didn't want to see it end. I fought to read the last bit as it completely captivated me. Having a love of Ireland, the stories presented here made me appreciate them since I knew about most of them. They were very well told and the personal experiences on the part of the story tell at the end had me in awe. The twists in the book surprised me and I never saw them coming. Mr. Delaney is a master at story telling and I definitely hope to read more of his work.

Frank Delaney/ New author/ 651 pages/ Ireland/ Family/Stories/ 5 out of 5

FTC: This book was bought and is part of my book collection.