Saturday, January 24, 2009

Nora, Nora by Anne Rivers Siddons

Peyton McKenzie doesn't want to share her life with her widowed father with anyone else. That is, until Nora comes to town in her pink Thunderbird, smoking cigarettes, and a red mane of hair. Her father seems to like her while her Aunt Augusta hates her which means she cannot be all that bad. It all changes when Nora takes a teaching position in the first integrated class at the local high school. Peyton feels something isn't right but isn't sure what. When it does come to light, the whole town will be throughly shocked and teach Peyton a lesson she'll never forget.

Ms. Siddons is a fantastic author. One who I'll read again not only for her small town humor, but for the way the characters make you delve into the stories till the last page. Nothing is easy but that makes this one close to life which I found refreshing. Fantasies are nice but real life is what is the most interesting after all.

Peyton had a life of simplicity and repetitiveness. Life had stayed constant even the pain till her cousin Nora came to town. She barely knew anything about and was surprised to even know she had a cousin in some aspect. Her life changed ever day cause of this woman in her life and not just cause what Aunt Augusta tried to do. Her father realized his little girl was growing up and that changed both their attitudes. Nora is a free spirit but is best at running. Once she settles into Lytton, things change and people are shocked by Nora's behavior. Nora just thinks that they need to change never seeing that there had to be some change in herself as well.

This is a book that is definitely coming of age for Peyton. Nora, on the other hand, had to realize her full potential but even that may not be enough to hold her still for long. The small town is in for a rude awakening but can they survive it?

Anne Rivers Siddons/New Author/ Chunkster/ Coming of Age/ 470 pages/ 5 out of 5

I thought I had read this author before but couldn't find it. lol I love this one and definitely will pick up the other one I have by her in my TBR pile. :)