Thursday, April 24, 2008

Motif for Murder by Laura Childs

Carmela is still struggling to put her marriage back together. But then her husband is kidnapped and she finds his uncle Henry shot in the head in his library. She has no idea who is behind it all but she does not like it. Keeping herself occupied, she works on an altered book to memorialize Uncle Henry. Things only seem to be going awful for her. She never suspects the altered book she does may have clues to who is behind it all and that they just might come after her.

Ms. Childs does it again! How she is able to incorporate mystery while adding in such wonderful scrap booking ideas just boggles my mind. Her characters are truly stubborn but that is why I love them so much! There is such life in Louisiana and the adventures that are created are fantastic!

Carmela, poor gal, really wants her marriage to work. But every time she turns around the man is gone. This time he is kidnapped and his sister Grace surely is a sour puss. So Carmela is always so creative and comes up with ways to use ideas she comes across whether online or at a convention. I am truly inspired by her and it makes me want to pick up my scrap book and work on it. I just don’t need all the drama she deals with. Her best friend Ava is there to help her out. Ava is a class act and a true blue best friend. She loves to party and keep Camilla happy. These two get into some crazy situations and that is what I like the best about them. They know how to help each other out.

This series keeps getting better! Not just with scrap booking ides but also with how strong Carmela is in every single book. She could just crawl under a rock and hide, but she wants to find out the truth even if it gets her in trouble with Detective Babcock. This is one series that I cannot get enough of and the next one cannot come into my hands soon enough!

Laura Childs/ Scrap booking/ Cozy Mystery/ 275 pages/ 5 out of 5

Well onto a review book and then it will be Briar Rose by Robert Coover after that Coming Out by Danielle Steele. :)