Sunday, September 13, 2009

Elizabeth Whitley always knew that she was to be in midwife. It ran in her family line and so she knew that was what she was supposed to do. Yet she lost her heart to a man who cannot return her feelings since he is in mourning. Taking care of her adopted daughter Lauren finally perks her up and keeps her going on. She must come to terms that she may never have children, learn to love again, and watch Lauren bloom.

Ms. Laskas has a fantastic emotional novel on her hands. Her characters run the gamut. I was impressed with the information she had to find and how records were kept even in the Appalachian mountains. I didn't know a lot about the place setting or the time that the book follows. The immense research that Ms. Laskas did really impressed me. Seeing the world through one person's eyes made it more poignant. Yet learning how to live and love the life you do have keeps running through the story.

Elizabeth had some hardships ahead of her. Not only with learning how to be a midwife but needing to stand on her own two feet. Her childhood love is unrequited for so long but she never gives up. Also figuring out how to be respectful and not push boundaries. When Lauren enters the picture, Elizabeth finds someone to put all her attention on and to help. Elizabeth's mother embraced everything about being a midwife. She just hopes that her daughter will follow and understand that there are parts that aren't so good. Lauren has an interesting life ahead of her with the gift she is given. The support she gets from not only her dad and Elizabeth keeps her going.

This debut by this author was a good start and I am curious to see what else she comes up with next. I am in awe of what she was able to write in one story. This is definitely an author I would more by. Some times I didn't quite understand Elizabeth's logic but figured it would reveal itself in the end.

Gretchen Moran Laskas/ New Author/243 pages/ Appalachian Mountains/ Historical Fiction/ 4 out of 5

I don't feel the cover represents the book as well but it's still nice. I'll pick up the next book I plan on reading tomorrow. Extra sleep would be a good thing to start out the week!