Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger

Andrea Sachs wants a good job and knows she'll have to work hard to find one. Yet when one drops in her lap, she thinks it's the greatest thing ever. She's going to find out how that is so not true once she meets the most demanding boss ever. It might just take over her life but if she wants to get ahead, she may have to sacrifice a few things.

Ms. Weisberger has a good story on her hands of dedication gone wrong. Now it doesn't help that the boss is a total control freak either. The minor characters really pulled a long this book for me and I am curious to see how things turn out in the movie. Most of the book kind of dragged as I read some of the more outrageous things Andrea was put through.

I truly felt for Andrea when she had to keep sticking up for her job and how after a year things would only get better. Her family, her best friend Lily, and her boyfriend Alex never understood to some extent. They thought she was taking things too far and all Andrea could see was the prize of getting a better job. There were times where she rolled her eyes and didn't want to deal with it but kept reminding herself of the things that could come.

It was a good book for the most part. I have had my horrible bosses in some of my jobs but nothing even close to this. It had funny moments but a lot of it fell flat. The ending is what saved the book in my opinion but well to find out you're going to have to read it yourself. I am definitely curious to see what other books that Ms. Weisberger has written.

Lauren Weisberger/Fashion/ Chick Lit/360 pages/3.5 out of 5

I did have to put the book down yesterday so I didn't finish it in one day. I'm glad I did cause I enjoyed the second half of the book so much better. Off to another chick lit book that I've hung onto way too long.