Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hungry Hill by Carole O'Malley Gaunt

The O’Malley family has had some rough times. Ms. Gaunt decided to put them in a book especially the worst four years that they would experience. Losing their mother was tough enough but then having to deal with their alcoholic father was just the icing on the cake. Ms. Gaunt had to take responsibility at age thirteen that most girls would not even think about.

I liked the well thought out way that Ms. Gaunt presented her story. Not only in just the normal writing style but she had parts where she talked to her father as well as her stepmother. I was shocked at some of the things that she had to deal with and while they were rather depressing, there were a few moments that I laughed. Knowing that this author is a published playwright made this story come even more alive for me. She really and truly wanted you to see what those four years were like and how difficult they were. I especially liked at the end how she gave updates on her seven brothers. I don’t know how she did it. I can barely handle my own brother let alone having to deal with seven. She may not be a saint but she truly did stick it out when there were times she could have left in a moment’s notice.

This is one book though non-fiction shows how rough things can be for families where alcohol abuse is prevalent. I was pleased with the story and I loved seeing how the brothers changed and grew along with Ms. Gaunt. I would definitely love to check out her plays to see what else she has written.

Carole O’Malley Gaunt/ New Author/ Non-fiction/ 284 pages/ 4 out of 5/ Irish Families

I have two review e-books to get done and then I am going to bring The Woods and Hold Tight by Harlan Coben with me when I go out of town this weekend.