Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Prime Cut by Diane Mott Davidson

Goldy is at it again but this time her world really seems to be falling apart. She got a contractor to work on her kitchen but it was left in a mess. There is a second caterer in town that seems to be getting all her work and her hubby is at it again being a jerk behind bars. The only person that seems to be able to help her is her old teacher André. Will she be able to make things work because not much money is coming in or will she lose her business after all her hard work?

Diane Mott Davidson does it again with book 8 in the series. I love all the jokes and watching Goldy’s son Arch grow up. There were a lot of recurring characters and I felt like I was being with my family again. I love looking at the recipes she comes up with. She certainly knows how to keep your attention to find out who committed the crime in each book.

Goldy forever surprises me as a woman with resources. She certainly knows how to keep things afloat in times of trouble. Goldy figures things out faster than I can and I am always surprised at who the dangerous person turns out to be. I liked seeing Arch and boy is that kid growing up. Tom Schultz was back and he is my favorite cop. He doesn’t seem to mind pressure and somehow keeps Goldy in line. This time even his head is on the chopping block. Poor guy.

I am sad that I only have 5 books left in the series but this is one I truly enjoyed and loved the recipes! I can’t wait to see how the cliffhanger at the end of the book turns out. I give it a 5/5! This is one series that has grabbed me and I enjoy every book I read.
305 pages/Mystery

Now off to read two more romances and then I hope to squeeze in Eartlhy Joys by Phillpa Gregory. :)