Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sticks and Scones by Diane Mott Davidson

Having a lull in her business is not good for Goldy. But a chance at preparing not only a luncheon for a bunch of donors at Hyde Chapel but a supper for Elk Park Prep students will definitely keep her busy. Not to mention the food she has to prepare will take most of her time. But when pot shots are taken at their house and Goldy thinks it might have something to do with the case some one she loves is working on, she needs to keep her head on straight. Things will get a whole lot crazier but can she come out successful?

Ms. Davidson creates wonderful mysteries without all that blood and gore. I was pleased with the intricacies that she could come up with for this story. Secrets are going to be revealed but how much will that change the people involved? The food is just one part of the book I love though I may never make it. She comes up with the best ideas.

I love Goldy. She is a woman who loves to help but knows when to quit sometimes. Nosy by nature helps solve the crime. I loved seeing more of Archie, Goldy’s son. That boy is growing up too fast. But it helps the story move along and the drama of her family is definitely something to chuckle at.

I am glad I have a few more books to go. This is one series that it may be months since I have picked up the last book but it feels like I am coming home. Ms. Davidson creates characters that have heart and learn how to work things out. Things are never easy in this book but I love them.

Diane Mott Davidson/ Cozy Mystery/ 389 pages/ Cooking/ 4 out of 5

Next up Chopping Spree and then newest Elaine Viets till the one in November comes out. :)