Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Tunnels by Michelle Gagnon

Special Agent Kelly Jones has dealt with some real creepy cases in her time with the FBI. But the case coming up will be one that will have sleepless nights and a loss of appetite. There are killings being done in the tunnels underneath an Ivy League college. Yet it will only get worse as she is led down a perilous route that will only have one come out alive. Being that it is her alma mater, she is determined to figure out who is behind the horrible scenes.

Ms. Gagnon builds a world that is completely twisted. I found myself falling underneath the spell and being completely horrified which what was being unfolded in this book. The research she had to do was phenomenal. I was thoroughly pleased with how well she was able to present the things she had to study with mythologies. It was certainly a daunting task that she lived up to with every page turned.

Kelly had a past that she was trying to keep from meeting her present. I truly felt for this character. The pressure she was under did not help matters. When solving a crime, time truly is of the essence. She wanted to see justice done and put herself into the case fully. I was impressed! I also liked the minor characters of her partner Roger Morrow and the former FBI Agent Jake Riley. They brought so much more to the story than I thought possible. It really rounded out the characters.

This book is definitely creepy and scary! I was taking in by this book and could not put it down. Great read if you love scary! I hope to see more by this author whether with these characters or not. She is a wonderful author!

New Author/Scary Book Challenge for AN2R/ Michelle Gagnon/ 299 pages/ 4 out of 5

This was a good one! I hope she writes more. :) Off to read a review e-book and then One for the Money by Janet Evenovich.