Friday, May 18, 2007

Step On A Crack by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

Michael Bennett is called in to go to the First Lady’s funeral because there has been a hijacking during it. So he must leave his 10 adopted children to help solve the crime and keep people from being killed. He struggles between helping save lives and keeping an eye on his children as his wife is dying from cancer. He gets help from his grandfather Seamus and is giving breaks but it never seems to be enough. Can he pull through it or will it end up being one big mess?

I have always liked James Patterson and most of his novels that I have read. Being that this is the first in a new series really led me to read it. The characterization is phenomenal and you get a really good picture of both sides whether it is the cops or the criminals. I have no idea who wrote what parts but it blended well together and was impressed by the extent of knowledge that had to be known in order to write this story.

Michael Bennett is a troubled soul but he is going through so much at one time. He feels the stress from his job as well as dealing with the death of the love of his life. I could not think of a more understanding woman than his wife. Though it appears that she has always been like that with him. The kids are so wonderful and I loved getting the little glimpses of each one and can’t wait to see how they end up dealing with everything. Seamus was a wonderful old man and he was my favorite character. He was a priest only because his wife died and he could never see himself getting remarried.

I give this book a 5/5 because it kept me turning pages till the very end. I couldn’t believe that I read it in one day but it was that compelling to me. It seemed like it was the first in the series so I hope there is more. I would love to know what happens next and how things are dealt with. I can’t wait to read more by this author and I hope they just keep getting better.

383 pages/Mystery

I didn't mean to finish two books in one day. It just happened. lol Now off to read two romances. :)

The Double Bind by Chris Bohjalian

Laurel Eastbrook is attacked while a sophomore in college and her life is forever changed. She delves deep into photography and doing her best to help others. But when one of the clients of the center she works for dies, she learns that he was telling the truth that he was a famous photographer. So she works on finding out what led him to come to Vermont. She is afraid someone will take the pictures and keeps them with her all the time.

The story presented by Mr. Bohjalian is off the wall and sometimes odd. I found the descriptions done well and I really felt like I was feeling what Laurel was. He got into depth on a lot of things. The words were well put together. I thought the story was well done until the end shocked me.

Laurel was trying to get to back to her life. She was trying to reclaim it and thought she could if she only she could figure out what the pictures she had represented. She went all over the place and even went to see her assailant in jail. Her roommate, her boyfriend and her boss all tried to help her to comprehend what was really going on.

I give this a 3/5 because the psychiatrist’s notes along the way had me questioning from the beginning of what was going on. The twist at the end truly surprised me. I am not sure I could recommend this book cause it was weird! It was well written but my opinion your mind will change by the end of the book. I think this will be the only book I read by this author and that is not normal for me.

Off to read Step on a Crack by James Patterson than 2 romances.