Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Letters by Debbie Macomber

Katherine O'Connor loved helping people by writing their Christmas letters. Now she comes face to face with the man she believes is ruining the lives of her twin nieces. Now if only she can keep calm, but things aren't looking up for her. Dr. Wynn Jefferies has never been so insulted in his life. Yet there is something between them if they could only calm down to take the time to find out.

Ms. Macomber ties in her other shops so well with this story. I've read the other ones in this series and this one certainly didn't disappoint at all! This is one more wonderful story by this author. I couldn't put it down for nothing.

Katherine is as pig headed as they come but she has met her match in Dr. Wynn. Dr Jefferies is not about to take criticism lying down. But their neighbor connives to get them together. Sparks could just fly. They learn to agree to disagree and find they like each other. But will it be enough?

I fell in love with these characters right away! I loved revisiting old ones from the Blossom street series. Ms. Macomber knows how to suck you into a story till the last page is turned! I have a few more of hers to read at least two more Christmas books. I hope to read them this month!

Debbie Macomber/ Christmas Romance/ 256 pgs/5 out of 5

With getting behind yesterday with cleaning and then hurting my wrist, this book was definitely a much needed retreat. Up another Christmas anthology! I am so excited!!

The Wedding Secret by Michele Dunaway

Cecile Duletsky hadn't been with a man in awhile. Her last boyfriend Eric had turned out to be less thean expected not to mention the relationship flopped. Now going to little sister's wedding, she's not looking forward to it. But meeting one of the groomsmen is about to change her world. She just has no clue how much it will affect her life.

Ms. Dunaway is a fantastic author. I loved this story and how sexy it was. The characters truly must figure out what is important to them. There are struggles ahead and I was curious to see how they'd deal with them.

Cecile is a woman who knows what she wants but never really seems to take the time for it. After her last relationship soured, she decided to focus on her career. Luke Shaw, on the other hand, isn't afraid to throw caution to the wind no matter what. These two have so much in common but can they make it work?

This was a great story just bummed that again it's labeled as a holiday escape but no holidays mentioned really. Ms. Dunaway has captured my attention for sure! I look forward to reading her next work.

Michele Dunaway/Romance/256 pages/ New Author/ 5 out of 5

Okay got a Christmas book up next! So excited!!!