Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Candles on Bay Street by K.C. McKinnon

Dee Dee Michaud leaves her home to go out in the world. Leaving behind a broken heart belonging to her best friend Sam Thibodeau. Now fifteen years later, Dee Dee is back and questions arise as to why she is here etc. Sam just is happy to have his friend back even though he is married now. He feels like his life is being turned upside now. While Dee Dee opens up a candle making shop where she makes her own candles. Dee Dee seems to be as enchanting as she was back when they were growing up. She is hiding something but what could it be?

Ms. McKinnon is an amazing author. I was swept up in this heartfelt story. I knew a lot about this story ahead of time but it certainly did not hurt reading it. The story is so emotional and wonderful!

Dee Dee is certainly a woman who has a strong soul. She wants to go back home where she can do her best work. Her son Martin is her life and she wants to raise her where she found comfort. Sam is home with his wife Lydia and they work together side by side. He loves his wife but dealing with the past will be very sentimental.

This book is beautiful and heart wrenching. Though I kind of knew the ending, it was still surprising in how it all played out. This is not just trying to figure how to put things right but as well as how to bring worlds together. Sam did not want his wife to be threatened by his feelings for Dee Dee. He was a total sweetheart and I could not get enough of his character. Definitely want to read more by this author.

K.C. McKinnon/272 pages/ New Author/ Adult Fiction/ Homecoming/ 4 out of 5

Well off to two review books and then a book from my own pile. lol