Monday, December 29, 2008

The Last Noel by Heather Graham

The O'Boyle family has a get away every year on Christmas Eve. Skyler, the matriarch of the family finds this very important. This year though will leave them wondering what will happen when three men show up on their doorstep. It's Boston, there is a storm coming, and one man is out for blood. Can this family play the games that they are asked and survive?

Ms. Graham always delights whether in romance or suspense. The characters are diverse and keep you guessing. The story line is amazing! The twists and turns this woman can come up with will leave you in the edge of your seat.

Between Skyler and David, Frazier, Jamie, and Kat this family is something else. Then you add in Uncle Paddy and it shows a completely different side of things. This family is going to have to stick together and make the best of things before losing their mother.

Even though it is a Christmas thriller, the family realizes that what is more important is their family. But is it too late? Can they save their family and can Kat get help to where they are at. It is storming and snowing, the prospects are not likely.

Heather Graham/Suspense/ Christmas story/Family/ 346 pages/ 5 out of 5

I am hoping to fit in a few more christmas books! LOL We'll see. :)