Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Quickie by James Patterson and Michael Ledwedge

Lauren Stillwell’s heart stopped when she saw her husband Paul kissing another woman. She decided to even up the score with a man who has been eyeing her for a long time. But nothing turns out the way she wants. She ends up looking out the window only to see her one time lover get killed in front of her. That secret threatens to not only pull apart her marriage but her career as well.

Mr. Patterson and Mr. Ledwedge have written another great book. There were surprises in this book that I never have seen coming. It was a very suspenseful book that had me guessing some things till the very end. They both are able to create an amazing world.

Lauren had a lot of things to process. She knew that her and her husband Paul had problems but could never imagine to what degree. I felt awful that they were not able to have children. Yet that was just the tip of their problems and only where it began. Careers were important but it seemed to be their focus because of the other underlying problems. I wanted them to work out their issues. But it certainly would not be an easy time of things. Mike is Lauren’s partner at the police force. He is a good guy and helps look out for her. He is something she can look for to talk to about anything and he will make sure it stays between just the two of them. He truly is a good friend.

This is one book that I found difficult to put down. I kept wondering if Lauren would be able to keep things worked out or not. She was in some surprises that would change her life forever. When they were finally revealed, I then wonder how she would handle things. It was a good suspense book and I can’t wait to read more by both authors together and separately.

James Patterson and Michael Ledwedge/Suspense/ 357 pages/ 4 out of 5 stars

I finished this book last night and got busy doing other things. :)

August Reads and Stats

Books I read:
U-43A by Bernadette Gardner 08-01-07 B
Dancer’s Delight by Anny Cook 08-01-07 through 08-02-07 B
Mademoiselle Victorine by Debra Finerman 08-02-07 through 08-03-07 A
Runner’s Moon: Jebaral by Linda Mooney 08-03-07 through 08-04-07 B
Too Big to Miss by Sue Ann Jaffarian 08-04-07 A
The Debutante’s Second Chance by Liz Flaherty 08-04-07 through 08-05-07 A
The Curse of the Holy Pail by Sue Ann jaffarian 08-05-07 through 08-06-07 A
High Noon by Nora Roberts 08-06-07 through 08-08-07 A+
The Dead Room by Heather Graham 08-08-07 through 08-09-07 A+
Canyon Wolf Bride by Alisha Page 08-09-07 A
Beyond the Night by Sharon Long 08-09-07 through 08-10-07 A
Forgive Me By Amanda Eyre Ward 08-10-07 through 8-11-07 A+
Hooked by Jane May 08-11-07 through 08-12-07 A
Thistle and Twigg by Mary Saums 08-12-07 through 8-14-07 A+
Samson and Delilah by Megan Rose 08-14-07 A
Second Sight by Debbie Mumford 08-14-07 through 8-15-07 A
Embraced by Darkness by Keri Arthur 8-15-07 through 8-16-07 A
The Mongoose Deception by Robert Greer 8-16-07 through 8-21-07 C
Too Much Hennessy by T.T. Henderson 8-21-07 through 8-22-07 B+
Too Good To Be True by Marie-Nicole Ryan 8-22-07 through 8-23-07 A
Judgement by Fire by Lydia 8-23-07 A
XIII by D.K. Gaston 8-23-07 through 8-28-07 B
The Devil’s Labyrinth by John Saul 8-27-07 through 8-29-07 A
Forbidden Passion by Dee Dawning 8-29-07 A
Don’t Close Your Eyes by Mary Eason 8-29-07 through 8-30-07 A
Lady Irina by Josh Lockwood 8-30-07 through 8-31-07 A+

My stats:
Total Books Read: 26
New Authors: 22
Fiction: 25
Books Reviewed: 19
From the Stacks: 0
Books I Bought: 0
Total Pages Read: 7.055 pages

There you go!