Saturday, October 09, 2010

Cell by Stephen King

Clay Riddell just left a wonderful business venture from a graphic arts company. He cannot wait to get back to his hotel to call his ex-wife and son. In the heart of Boston, all hell is unleashed with simple cell phone calls. Clay doesn't understand what is going on but people are turning into mindless creatures. All Clay wants to do is to get home to check on his family. That may not be as easy as he thinks.

Mr. King is quite talented at writing books that really make you freak out. The best thing in my mind is that it sticks with you. He also does not use a lot of words. The way that man can write just blows me away. His imagination is deep with what he is able to create in every single story. His characters have depth and emotions that have a wide range. There is a lot of gore but it may not run through out the entire book. That is the part that pleased me the most in this book. To have a good horror novel, you need some gore but not too over the top. There was a few moments but all in all, it wasn't as bad as some others I have read.

Clay Riddell had one mission. He needed to get back to his family to see if they had come out of this event unscathed. He had feelings that they might not have but no matter what he needed to see it for himself. He didn't want to rely on his emotions since so many other things were going wrong. He found a friend in Tom McCourt who he saved from one of the mindless creatures. Tom didn't want to leave all that he had. Yet he knew when he found a friend. There were a lot of big decisions made in this book at every turn. It was definitely a survival of the fittest as well as those who didn't use their cell phones.

As much as this book intrigued me, the ending was way too abrupt. It upset me that I had made it all the way through the book to have a lot of things hanging in the balance. The gore did get a little too much for me since this is not a genre I typically read. But the premise intrigued me so much that I had to read it to find out how it would envelop over time. Mr. King truly had a good novel for the most part no matter what other people may say. It just frustrated me with how it ended. I was hoping for so much more and had a major letdown. I know not everything can end well but the build up to the end seemed like there would be so much more to it than what I was left with after all. I will definitely pick up more of his work in the future but it may be awhile before that will happen.

Stephen King/ Horror/ Fright Fest 2010/480 pages/ 3 out of 5

Though I didn't finish in time for week one which stinks. I am hoping better for this next week. As long as I finish all four books before the month is up, I am happy. :) Off to the next book!