Saturday, April 28, 2007

Unseen by Mari Jungstedt

The island of Gotland is about to be full of tourists for the celebration of Midsummer, the Swedish Fourth of July when a woman is found murdered along with her dog. The panties of the woman are stuffed in her mouth. This crime keeps the police force very busy. Will Johann Berg, a journalist, be able to help Inspector Anders Knutas in his case or will he be brushed aside?

Ms. Jungstedt is a new author to me and unfortunately this is the only book of hers that is translated into English that I could find. I was pulled in by it being a Swedish author because I have Swedish ancestry and was curious to see how she would write and weave her story. I found it dark and sinister but wanting turn the next page to find out what was going to happen. The translator Tiina Nunnally did a very good job in keeping the suspense building. I was thoroughly impressed.

Johann Berg came off as arrogant. But once you were able to see through that you realized that he just wanted people to be safe. He finds love in the oddest of places yet he is still astonished by it. Inspector Knutas is a man with a mission. He really wants to prove himself to other people. He already has done so to his wife and so keeps plugging on. The other minor characters were wonderfully written and they all had their place.

The twist at the end surprised me once you found out the link to all the victims. You got glimpses of it throughout the entire story but it never made sense to me till the very end. I usually do not have sympathy for the killer but this is one time where I truly did and didn’t condone his killing but could see why he would lash out. This is one book I highly recommend and I hope to find more of her work translated very soon.
243 pages/mystery

I just started Blood Price by Tanya Huff which the TV series Blood Ties is based off of. :) After that I am not sure what I will read. :)