Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Fairy Rebel by Lynne Reid Banks

Jan loves being an actress but a tragic accident leaves her with a limp foot and the desire to hide herself. Meeting the doctor Charlie just turns her life up side down. Years later, after having no children, Jan is desperate. Sitting in her garden one day, she sees a fairy. A grown up seeing a fairy is unusual but then Tiki decides to help Jan with having a child. The baby girl is beautiful but underneath it all is a Fairy Queen who is not happy at all. They have a battle ahead of them that even they don't know how to handle.

Ms. Banks creativity shines through on this one. The fairies are real and there are good ones and bad ones which only makes it more true to life. The idea of being granted a fairy baby is so different. The story may be a little short but the detailed descriptions really pull this story. I was so pleased with how well it was written and the ending as well.

Jan may be a spoiled woman in the beginning but her heart shines through for her daughter Bindi. I loved the conversations with the fairy Tiki. Her husband Charlie doesn't believe her at first. Even I would have my doubts about what was said in this story. He never said she was wrong but that he couldn't believe her. I hated to see the story end.

This is one story that I have had for way too long. I'll treasure it forever and may even read it again. It's so beautiful. The battle between good and evil make it an even greater story. It pulls you in and I had to slow myself down so that I wouldn't read too fast. It grips you from the beginning and doesn't let you go till the very end. Having read this author before, I definitely want to see what else she has written.

Lynne Reid Banks/ New Author/ Children's Book/128 pages/ Fairies/ 5 out of 5

I read Maura's Angel by this author sent in Belfast, Northern Ireland so might have to re-read it since it's been years. The cover I'm posting is my favorite. They changed it and it doesn't have the same affect I think.