Thursday, March 05, 2009

Dog On It by Spencer Quinn

Chet is a loyal dog and his master Bernie runs a private investigator business. Their first case in awhile seems like just a routine missing persons case. Yet Chet can tell his master is bugged by something. There is more to this case than either one of them can imagine. But can they solve it in time so the young lady isn't hurt?

Mr. Quinn tells the story from Chet's point of view and I really liked it. It gave the book a different feel which is rarely found in books today. There is action, adventure, loyalty and a twist that I didn't even see coming. Seeing the characters through Chet's eyes, you can tell who is good and who has ulterior motives. It was a fun book and I couldn't get enough.

Chet is a loyal dog and I really liked him from the beginning. Bernie was a little rough around the edges but after all, he was a man who had been kicked down. He is picking himself off but he may have a long way to go. These two together make a good team even though they don't always understand each other but that's reality.

This is a book that is first in a series that the second one cannot come out soon enough! Mr. Quinn has a fantastic way with words that keeps you turning pages. I was impressed with the book from the beginning. Definitely an author to keep an eye on.

Spencer Quinn/ New Author/Mystery/320 pages/Dogs/4 out of 5

Great new mystery series but a great new author! Off to another non-fiction!