Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Pushing Up Bluebonnets by Leann Sweeney

Abby Rose is actually called in to help the police for once. She needs to identify a woman who is lying in a coma after a horrible accident. Cooper has no idea what he has just gotten himself into. The chance that the woman is connected to a prominent family in Texas only raises the stakes on this one. She better learn to watch where she is going or it might hurt her this time.

Ms. Sweeney is a fabulous writer! I felt like I was coming home again to these characters. Repeat performances from my favorites were great to see. Things got really interesting between quite a few of them. The situations that Abby sees herself in are realistic. The woman does her research. I was very pleased with this book but this is one author who would have to do quite a lot to make me upset.

Abby is so sweet and I love her relationship with her boyfriend Jeff. Everything is so genuine and they do their best to include everyone in the family for time together. Jeff realizes how important Kate is to Abby. These men are not stupid and they know how to relate. I love it about them!

This series moved right along in this book. I was proud of Abby since she had to keep things secret. She was not for an easy time but I knew she was doing her best. The situation with the rich family certainly had her on the outs. I could sympthasize with her because I wanted to strangle them too. They thought they had their best interests at heart but always got involved in horrible things. Oh, well, Abby sure set them straight and I like that about her. She did get herself in sticky situations but then was able to work her way through it. This is a great series and I hope there are more to come!
Leann Sweeney/ Mystery/ Texas/ 288 pages/ 4 out of 5

Well off to reading another review book, then it will be The Rich Die Young by Carolyn G. Hart and then another review book.