Sunday, March 23, 2008

Race Against Time by Justine Davis

Kit Cameron is trying to piece together the book her father wanted. Though she keeps getting distracted by trying to help whomever is breaking into her neighbors’ houses for food. She wants to help him no matter the problem but the question is if he will let her? Race Barkley has known very little kindness in his life and keeps his secrets guarded. Now having met Kit, he wonders if there is something more he can have with her that is if he can just see past today.

Ms. Davis keeps everything so simple that I could just fall in love with the characters. The situation that they were dealing with was certainly not an easy one. The writing style was nothing fancy but her descriptions really made the story come alive. I am a romance buff and this is one author I would definitely want to read more of.

Kit was in for some shocks to come as she worked on unraveling the puzzle of what her father was working on. She kept saying she was better with words than with science and I could see that. If explained she could follow it, but it was not her forte a bit. Race, on the other hand, was a sponge. He seemed to be able to soak up anything except kindness. With his past still haunting him, it took him forever to be able to trust someone and now that person was gone.

This was a light read even though rather suspenseful. There was not a whole lot to it, which made it go by even quicker than usual. As I said before, this is definitely an author I would like to read more by.

Justine Davis/New Author/ Romance/ 256 pages/ 4 out of 5

I am glad to finally get to one of my own pile! lol Now I just started Palindrome by Stuart Woods and then back to review books.