Thursday, August 28, 2008

True Stories of Law & Order by Kevin Dwyer and Jure Fiorillo

The 25 cases set in this book were a wide variety. They took ones that were used in the show to show how things were changed for television and what the real cases were like. I found it interesting that not a whole lot was changed. They stuck to the case pretty well. I did not remember all of them but the ones I did it was cool to see what the real story was like.

Mr. Dwyer and Ms. Fiorillo did a fantastic job of doing research and to get the real story out. None of them were too long since they had to put so many of them in one book. They made sure to state where things were said by other people and that if something was never solved that was put in too. The book was published in 2006 so maybe it was current when they were writing it.

I was truly impressed with this book and it made me more curious about how the justice system can work good or bad. I highly recommend this book for anyone who either likes the show or is a fan of true crime or both. It will keep your attention and will not be easy to put down.

Kevin Dwyer/ Jure Fiorillo/ New Authors/ True Crime/ Non-Fiction/272 pages/5 out of 5

Monday, August 25, 2008

Rogue by Rachel Vincent

Faythe is back. She is still working on establishing herself in the Pride of her family. Marc is around and trying to win her love more than ever. Her father Gregory is not making things easy for her so she is determined to work that much harder. It seems like something is coming back to get tabbies. That is not a good thing and it could all lead back to something she did before coming back to the Pride.

Ms. Vincent creates a world that just sucks you in from the beginning. I was so happy to read these characters again. The next one cannot come out soon enough for me. There is dynamics in this Pride that have me turning pages.

Faythe really is trying to make her name. But she cannot become a woman like her mother. She wants to be a career woman and help her father with the enforcers. Marc is a man/shifter who can only take so much. He has no idea who is behind it all but it will take him a lot to get through it.

I loved this book so much! It picks up pretty much where the other one leaves off. I liked that. I don’t want to give anything away at all. Now you need to read Stray first or this book will not make a whole lot of sense. But both are worth your time and I cannot wait for the next book to come out. There are a lot of strings that need to be taken care of so I am waiting with anticipation.

Rachel Vincent/ Shifters/ Chunkster/ 400 pages/ 5 out of 5

I have a couple more review books and then back to ones off my shelf before I read cozy mysteries next month. :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lost In A Good Book by Jasper Fforde

Thursday Next is back again. She has a lot to handle. She is now well known for some of her actions she has most recently taken. Cordelia Flank does not know when to leave the poor girl alone for press releases and all that entails. But when the love of her life is eradicated, she is furious! She must figure out how to get him back and that might mean she will have to become a book jumper apprenticed to none other than Miss Havisham from Great Expectations. A member of the Goliath Corporation promises her to get her love back if she extracts one of their own from the poem “The Raven.” But learning how to be a book jumper is not easy especially when a play thought to be lost suddenly appears. Side trips into Kafka and Beatrix Potter keep her busy. But then she thinks she is the victim of lethal coincidences but she cannot prove anything because every one thinks she is crazy if she mentions her love. What will this poor girl deal with next?

Mr. Fforde redeems himself with this book. The first one was not horrible yet I was not used to his writing style at all. I loved seeing Thursday’s father come back. He is such a sweet man. I have to say Mr. Fforde is definitely creative with what he comes up for this book.

Thursday is such a sweetie. But she is also a tough gal and will not put up with anything that is less than satisfactory. Not having a moment to lose, she is focused on finding out what happened wrong and helping her enemy if that is what it takes to get her love back. Her brother Joffy is quite the character being a minister. He is supportive in this book and I wanted to hug the man. Of course you cannot forget her partner Bowden Cable. The man is a saint with what he puts up with. He may be a minor character but he knows how to play off of Thursday as well as offer up unnecessary information. As I said before, I love Thursday’s father. He may jump in and out of her life literally but he is a dear.

The ending bummed me out but definitely left me wanting more. I want to get my hands on a copy of The Well of Lost Plots soon. I loved all the cross references between this and the last book. The literary things that happened in the book made me smile even when she had to jump in “The Raven.” What imagination this author has. He certainly has found a fan in me. I may not have liked The Eyre Affair as much but it is definitely important to read it. The books following will not make any sense without it.

Jasper Fforde/ Literary/ Chunkster/ 416 pages/ 4 out of 5

Hopefully off to another couple of review books and then a couple of my own choosing. :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cozy Mystery Challenge

My friend Kris is having a challenge

Here is my list for now:
Tutu Deadly by Natalie M. Roberts
Tap Out by Natalie Roberts
Pointe and Shoot by Natalie Roberts
Dying in Style by Elaine Viets
High Heels are Murder by Elaine Viets
Accessory to Murder by Elaine Viets
Wreath of Deception by Mary Ellen Hughes
String of Lies by Mary Ellen Hughes

Sticks and Scones by Diane Mott Davidson
Chopping Spree by Diane Mott Davidson

The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde

Thursday Next works for the literary detection division of Special Operations. In England during the 1980’s, literature was stolen and false books were rampant. Now it seems an archenemy has come around and is determined to create some real problems. Characters are disappearing from books and when Jane is taken from the classic Bronte novel, Thursday has had quite enough. But can she put it all back together without affecting anything?

Mr. Fforde has created a fantastic world of intellect. It was rather smart to set it during 1985. There were times I shook my head but all in all, it was well done. The characters really stood out and I loved how they brought some of them out of the pages. I have not read Jane Eyre so I was bummed at the ending given away but oh well.

At first Thursday drove me bonkers. She is a sweetie but definitely fits in her job. She will risk her life to go after someone. But then that person was really elusive. With the help of her fellow special operatives, she hopes she can put things back where they belong. The one thing that plagues her is her time in the Crimea War and what the results were from that. Landen, her old beau, wants her to get over her fears and start life over. She thinks he is being ridiculous. Landen drove me bonkers because while I understood what happened I think he went about saying what he felt the wrong way. He only seemed to upset Thursday more.

This book was up and down. The book confused me towards the end with how it was written. I was starting to get a little upset. I do have the second one to read and I would like to see if it improves. The ending saved a lot of the book. Thursday has one quirky family but it was fun!

Jasper Fforde/ New Author/ Mystery/ 384 pages/ Literature/ 3 out of 5

Got two review books and then hopefully one from the stacks. :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Apple Blossom Time by Kathryn Haig

Laura Antsey has always wondered about her father. She knows he died in the war but not seeing his name on the memorial wall just puzzles her. Then serving in the ATS during World War 2, she gets taken to Egypt and learns about love. But she realizes the man she loves is closer to home. Yet in the back of her mind, her father haunts her. She just wants to know the truth not knowing how much it might cost her.

Ms. Haig has done a fantastic job! Having the experience in working in the military, everything seemed to follow the other novels set during this time that I have read. Her characters are full of curiosity but no one is perfect in this book. I think that is what appealed to me through out the book.

Laura just wants to know the truth no matter what. She may find secrets have kept from her for over twenty years but what will they reveal? Martin, her childhood friend, is there to support her along the way. But will she accept it? The one that boggles me the most is Laura’s mother. I can understand her wanting to get re-married but she did it so quickly. She did not think about the person she married, she just did.

This was a fantastic book! I had the most difficult time putting it down. War is still affecting us today but to get a better glimpse of what the Second World War was like just opened up my eyes. The practices that they held were odd and different when it came to the military but they really did not have much choice. A definite read for someone who loves books set during this time period. I would love to find more by this author!

Kathryn Haig/New Author/Historical/Family/ WWII/ Chunkster/ 458 pages/ 5 out of 5

Off to go read The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde then review books! lol

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

July Stats and Reads

115. Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict by Laurie Viera Rigler 07-01-08 through 07-02-08 A
116. Marriage Plot by Kelly Kirch 07-02-08 through 07-03-08 B
117. Love’s Winsome Warrior by Angela Verdanis 07-03-08 through 07-04-08 B
118. The Tenth Gift by Jane Johnson 07-05-08 through 07-06-08 A+
119. Black Hats by Patrick Culhane 07-07-08 through 07-08-08 B
120. Lovehampton by Sherri Rifkin 07-09-8 B
121. Enchanted Inc. by Shanna Swednson 07-09-08 through 07-10-08 A
122. The Likeness by Tana French 07-10-08 through 07-14-08 B
123. Summer People by Elin Hilderbrand 07-14-08 through 07-15-08
124. Risque Business by Tawny Weber 07-15-08 A
125. The Plausible Prince by K.G. McAbee 07-16-08 through 07-17-08 A
125. Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv 07-17-08 through 07-20-08 B
126. Letting Luce by Jenny Gilliam 07-21-08 B
127. Before Dawn Breaks by Rae Lori 07-21-08 through 07-22-08 C
128. Hungry Hill by Carole O’Malley Gaunt 07-22-08 through 07-24-08 B
129. The Killer Among Them by Anita Whiting 07-24-08 through 07-25-08 B
130. Bride of Passion by Connie Rachal 07-25-08 B
131. A Place Called Home by Lori Wick 07-26-08 A
132. A Song for Silas by Lori Wick 07-26-08 A
133. The Long Road Home by Lori Wick 07-27-08 A
134. A Gathering of Memories by Lori Wick 07-27-08 A
135. The Woods by Harlan Coben 07-28-08 through 07-29-08 A+
136. Romancing the Stones by Catherine Berlin 07-29-08 A
137. The Water Bearer by Wendi Christiner 07-29-08 through 07-30-08 A
138. Moloka'i by Alan Brennert 07-30-08 through 07-31-08 A+

Total Books Read: 25
New Authors: 17
Fiction: 23
Non-Fiction: 2
TBR: 1
Chunksters: 3
Books I Reviewed: 16
Romances: 7
Mysteries: 0
From the Stacks: 16
Books I Bought: 2
PBS Sent: 11
PBS Received: 5
Total Pages Read: 7,064

Working more hours has kept me from blogging. :)

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Moloka'i by Alan Brennart

Being a young girl is tough for Rachel Kalama. She misses her dad all the time. But when a pinkish stain shows up on her skin, she is sent off to Kaulupapa off the island of Moloka’i. All her dreams go up in smoke and she wonders how she will make it through it all. The sisters there are nice but will it be enough?

Mr. Brennart does his homework and it shows in this book. I was swept up in it. I was not sure I could handle all that Rachel went through. I was proud of those men and women for what they did for other people. It must not have been easy but they were willing to sacrifice their lives to help others. I could not imagine not seeing my family at all.

Rachel is so sweet and so na├»ve of the world. I truly felt for her and wished I could have hugged her. She was going to have to get used to her life on Moloka’i. I just hoped she could.

While at times, this book was very depressing. I wanted to see what would happen to Rachel and her family. The whole culture of that island amazed me as Rachel grew up. This is one story I will not forget for a long time!
Alan Brennart/ 400 pages/ Historical/ Hawaii/ New Author/5 out of 5

I don't want to give much of the plot away but this a book definitely worth your time.