Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tempted By A Texan by Mindy Neff

Becca Sue Ellworth's luck with men hadn't always been the greatest. Her best friend Colby hangs around but it's torture. After ending their relationship, now seven years ago, she wonders if he remembers their drunken promise. But with the chance of him leaving, there's no reason to stick around. A chance encounter brings him back into her life but is it for good this time?

Ms. Neff is a fantastic author! I loved this story and would love to read the preceeding books in this series even just to see how the other ladies' faired and how they made their relationships work.

I'm not sure I would classify this as a holiday escape because not once was Christmas mentioned or even Thanksgiving. It's a great book but perfect for any time of the year. :)

Mindy Neff/ New Author/ 256 pages/ Romance/ 4 out of 5

Okay read this one faster than I thought I would. :) Going to read another Holiday Escape novel tomorrow. I just hope this one has to do something with the Holidays. :)

Santa Baby by Lisa Plumley, Elaine Coffman, Kylie Adams, and Lisa Jackson

Merry Merry Mischief by Lisa Plumley

Katie Moore has always longed for her relationship with Jack Brennan. But they had decided to let it fizzle out. When his baby niece shows up, could this be the one thing that could rekindle what they have while making a baby's first christmas the happiest ever? The party girl and the work aholic sure have a lot on their hands.

Ms. Plumley is a fantastic writer that sweeps you into the story with love and laughter. The characters are compelling but the situations will have you in stiches. A great love story that will keep you turning pages definitely!!

Holiday Stud by Kylie Adams
Audra Jarecki is dreading going home. After breaking up with her last boyfriend, she must have someone on her arm. That's where Colby Douglas comes into play but it just might be the best mistake she's ever made.

Ms. Adams has a hot sexy number on her hands. Professional giglos isn't what I would use for a dating service if I had the need. But boy is Audra in for a surprise or two. Definitely something to savor.

Under the Mistletoe by Elaine Coffman

Stanley Levine was looking forward to a nice quiet life in the small town. He got anything but that. His new neighbor has seven daughters and they sure make a lot of noise. Christmas may be coming but Stanley is not wanting to have anything to do with it and the unruly clan next door will not be able to change his mind.

Ms. Coffman has a fabulous story here. The changes that take place in the story are just a blast to watch unfold. Definitely an author I want to read more by.

A Baby for Christmas by Lisa Jackson

Annie McFarlane is finally over last year's christmas. Losing her hubby and no more babies in sight, she settles down to her new life. But a baby dropped off at her door step and an angry man to follow, turn her life upside down. What is she going to do now with Liam completely irrantional? The only man her sister dated that she found hot!

Ms. Jackson beats the last one with this one. Desires flare up and they have to figure out can they run away from them or not. I love how Annie cannot lie to save her life. This is a great story!!

All four stories had me laughing and crying. These authors sure know how to keep you entertained and loving what they write! I definitely need more books like this before Christmas.

Christmas/Lisa Plumley/Elaine Coffman/Kylie Adams/Lisa Jackson/New Authors/ Chunkster/416 pages/5 out of 5

Off to read another Christmas book shortly! I need some lunch first. :)