Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Acessory to Murder by Elaine Viets

Josie seems to have a lot of things going wrong. Her best friend’s husband is now up for murder charges for the death of fashion designer Halley not to mention her mother keeps hounding her to go on a blind date. Josie wants to help her friend, keep her mom appeased even though her mother’s smoking habit is driving her crazy, and try to get her daughter to understand that it is okay for her mom to look at another man. Her boss is sending her on really crude assignments and Josie just wants to strangle him. She just wonders if life could be any easier?

Ms. Viets does it again! I got sucked in from page one and I cannot get enough of these characters. The situations that are created ring true for real society, which was kind of freaky actually. Josie tries her best to be there for Alyce. After all, the woman does go secret shopping with her. Ms. Viets is truly fantastic author.

At times, I wish I could have given Josie a GBH. Seriously what that woman puts up through, I kept thinking she was a saint. Hopefully her life will pick up soon! Amelia is trying at times but that is how daughters go or so I hear.

I am about to go pre-order the next one in the series. Ms. Viets writes good funny dialog while keeping things a little less gory. I definitely made me want to boost up my customer service skills once again no matter how unhappy I am with things that go on in the store. The customer should not suffer! Definitely a good read for anyone who likes to shop or works at retail stores.

Elaine Viets/ Cozy Mystery/ Secret Shopper/ Family/ 288 pages/ 5 out of 5

Off to go read the author of the month and clean!

Chopping Spree by Diane Mott Davidson

Finally getting success is making Goldy a very busy woman. Her best friend Marla says it is keeping her too busy. Goldy does the right thing and hires some help but that may not be enough to keep murder away. One of her new knives is the murder weapon and her assistant Julian is caught pulling out of the dead body. Goldy has to figure out how to solve this case so she does not lose the one friend who has seen her through so much.

Ms. Davidson has her hands full with her characters. I am surprised she is able to come up with the villains she does. The twists and turns in this book while being on the calmer side definitely leave me guessing till the end. Goldy and her family are definitely going through a lot of things. Secrets abound in this book that will keep pages turned.

Goldy is a woman who I have admired from the first page of the first book. She wants to be self-supporting but knows when to ask for help. It may not be easy but things are just completely out of her control. I loved seeing Julian and Arch back. Goldy truly has a gem in all of her family members and friends.

This is one book that just kept getting better. In spite of a few inconsistencies the book was really good! I definitely cannot wait to read the next one of these books. Ms. Davidson surely pleases with each new book.

Diane Mott Davidson/ Cozy Mystery/ Cooking/ 320 pages/ 4 out of 5

I finished this one yesterday and just forgot to write it up. :) So here you go! Off to write another review and then I have to clean. :)