Thursday, January 21, 2010

Before Green Gables by Budge Wilson

Finally the story is told in detail of the life Anne had before coming to live with the Cuthberts. There is also a little bit about her parents and their lives. Anne is truly a girl who takes a lot but never gives up dreaming. Her parents die when she is 3 months old, and she is taken in by the lady who helped clean the house for Bertha. That is just the beginning of a long journey for an eleven year old girl.

Ms. Wilson did such a fantastic job that I felt apart of the story. I could feel the emotions and sometimes even cried along with Anne. She not only grabbed the essence of L.M. Montgomery's work but was able to write stuff that as far as I know never been written in detail before.

I love Anne. My favorite fictional character of all time who gave me a passion to dream myself. Her imagination was one of the things that kept her going. Also her tenacity for life kept her going no matter how difficult. She did break down but after all even she can only take so much. Her hopes were dashed and the depths of despair were something she experienced with all of her heart. Sometimes it seemed like she was just being melodramatic but I kept hoping for the best anyways.

This is one book that won't leave my shelf any time soon. I recommend it highly for anyone who loves Anne and I enjoyed it so much. Some of this was in the movie with the Hammonds and going to the orphanage. I am curious to brush off my copy of Anne of Green Gables if it's still in readable condition. I may have to tape it up since I loved it so much! This is one I may revisit when I need something to get me out of a slump.

Budge Wilson/New author/ General Fiction/ 400 pages/Canada/Anne of Green Gables