Monday, January 14, 2008

Maisie Dobbs by Jacqueline Winspear

Maisie Dobbs is trying to find a way to get income now that she is no longer in the service of wealthy London aristocrats. Ten years after serving as a nurse on the front lines, she comes back to open her own detective agency. The first assignment looks to be a rather simple infidelity case. But upon further investigation, Maisie sees how difficult it will really be and she has to revisit the horrors of her past and the ghost she left behind. Can she do it and still give the peace of mind her client needs?

Ms. Winspear’s writing pleased me. She presented characters that not only tried to make the world better in some cases that happened even in the smallest aspect. I was pleased with how well it was written and the flashbacks gave it some meat that I enjoyed. The mystery took some time to solve and Ms. Winspear made sure that Maisie got all the help she could.

Maisie was a woman I could cheer for. She used her resources to the best of her ability. She made sure never to abuse anyone because she wanted to repay him or her for what they did. I liked how she was a friend to Maurice. The man was a great character and very smart. He helped her learn before she ever made it to Cambridge. Definitely an ally she could rely on whenever she needed to bounce ideas off of someone.

This book had its sad moments but all in all, Maisie even got something out of doing her mystery solving. The next one cannot get to me fast enough. The storyline was good and the interview at the end of the book was fantastic! I got a good look into the author and how she was able to write this book. It impressed me! This is an author to go out and read!

Jacqueline Winspear/ New Author/ 294 pages/ Mystery/Historical/ 5 out of 5

Now off to read Leftovers by Laura Wiss. :)