Sunday, August 10, 2008

Apple Blossom Time by Kathryn Haig

Laura Antsey has always wondered about her father. She knows he died in the war but not seeing his name on the memorial wall just puzzles her. Then serving in the ATS during World War 2, she gets taken to Egypt and learns about love. But she realizes the man she loves is closer to home. Yet in the back of her mind, her father haunts her. She just wants to know the truth not knowing how much it might cost her.

Ms. Haig has done a fantastic job! Having the experience in working in the military, everything seemed to follow the other novels set during this time that I have read. Her characters are full of curiosity but no one is perfect in this book. I think that is what appealed to me through out the book.

Laura just wants to know the truth no matter what. She may find secrets have kept from her for over twenty years but what will they reveal? Martin, her childhood friend, is there to support her along the way. But will she accept it? The one that boggles me the most is Laura’s mother. I can understand her wanting to get re-married but she did it so quickly. She did not think about the person she married, she just did.

This was a fantastic book! I had the most difficult time putting it down. War is still affecting us today but to get a better glimpse of what the Second World War was like just opened up my eyes. The practices that they held were odd and different when it came to the military but they really did not have much choice. A definite read for someone who loves books set during this time period. I would love to find more by this author!

Kathryn Haig/New Author/Historical/Family/ WWII/ Chunkster/ 458 pages/ 5 out of 5

Off to go read The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde then review books! lol