Monday, September 10, 2007

The Mongoose Deception by Robert Greer

I read this book awhile back and waited closer to publication date to put the review up. SO here you go!

CJ Floyd is at it again. This time though he is trying to solve a 50-year-old case of the assassination of JFK. But the thing is that it is more complicated than he could ever imagine. Cornelius McPherson is confused when he finds the well-preserved arm of a fellow worker in the wall of a tunnel. He remembers that this man whispered that he might know who assassinated Kennedy. CJ feels like he needs to figure out what is going on because a dead body and part of a dead body that are linked is too much of a coincidence. But it is not until he realizes that there are two prior attempts on Kennedy’s life. Now it is not only a race for time to be able to find out what really happened.

Mr. Greer truly knows his stuff. I was impressed with the intricate details he put in this story. I am not a fan of the mafia or such things but I could see how it could be true how they could still have power because of past influences in our society. The characters often have to make split second decisions and that was very realistic. Mr. Greer truly lets you see the whole picture even though it is only in pieces. But he does a very good job of wrapping it up all in the end.

CJ was a complex character. I did not always understand his motives but he seemed to look for the good in things. He was one to help out his friends. He also will do anything he can to get to the bottom of things. He seeks the help of Mario Santini who used to be involved in the mob to help get him names of key people. It could not hurt anything that is his thinking. He also has the help of his partner Flora Jean. Even though he is told to keep out of it.

The comings and goings in this book were numerous. Mr. Greer keeps you busy but everything is easy to follow. There is a chain of command and it is very present in this book. But also the consequences of not keeping quiet were very prevalent. I found the book interesting and the theories in this story about the assassination of JFK were something to think about. I enjoyed this book a lot and would be interested to read the rest of this series eventually.

Robert Greer/ Mystery/ JFK/ 432 pages/ Chunkster/ 3 out of 5