Saturday, May 30, 2009

BackSpin by Harlan Coben

Myron Bolitar is over his head. Helping people is what Myron does best. But when the person is a golfer, Myron doesn't understand the game at all. He just knows a golfer's son has been kidnapped but the problem is that he really isn't sure about the kidnapping. The only other problem he has is that Win refuses to help him. This could make the case go horribly wrong.

Mr. Coben does it again! There are definitely some tense moments in this book but I fought to put it down to get things done. Myron is definitely challenged in this book and Mr. Coben shows it on every page. The situations in this book pull at you and even I began to wonder if Myron could solve this case. There were too many unknowns and too many questions. The twist at the end left me speechless. He surprised me yet again. That is why this author is always at the top of my list.

Myron still fought for his relationship with Jessica. Esperanza put some new demands on him but they were completely understandable. It might just change their relationship but hopefully for the better. Just have to wait and see how it plays out. Esperanza doesn't hold back her thoughts or feelings and that's what makes her such a great character. Win wasn't in the book a whole lot but when he was, you could see how much he was fighting the emotions. He wants to help his best friend but situations held him back. Their friendship was seriously tested but even Myron knew when to back off.

This series keeps getting better and better. I am so glad that I have quite a few books left to read especially the latest one. Mr. Coben keeps you guessing and the twists are ones that even I didn't see. The tension is well placed and Mr. Coben deals it out in the right doses. I hope to read the next book soon cause I cannot wait to see what happens next. Hopefully Myron won't be completely out of his element the next time.

Harlan Coben/ Myron Bolitar Series/ Adult Fiction/ Mystery/368 pages/4 out of 5

Off to non-fiction, but at over 700 pages not sure I'll finish by Sunday. :)