Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hell for the Holidays by Chris Grabenstein

Christopher Miller is at it again to save the city. Well maybe not so much the city but get one more bad guy off the streets. With the anniversary of the last attack, which affected Chris’ daughter Angela, he really wants to stick around home as much as possible. But that does not prove to be possible. It seems to be a terrorist attack at first but Chris does not see how that could be possible with the usual suspects uninvolved. It will take some quick thinking on his part as well as the team he works with to bring down whomever is leading the attack before something horrible happens.

Mr. Grabenstein brings it again with this thrilling story about the Holidays. It is one that leaves me on the edge of my seat. His compelling characters really keep you turning pages. They are easy to feel for or cheer for. The situations seem outlandish at first but then it does not mean something like this could not happen. The scary thing is that it could very well happen.

I was really happy to read more about Christopher and his family. Angela is so sweet and his wife Nicole is always there to remind him when he needs to be home no matter what is going on. I was surprised at the character Dr. Tully that he could easily sway people’s thinking in following him just was not something I thought could happen. But if it is someone who shares your beliefs that definitely would help sway you. The things that that characters got away with at first was astonishing. It certainly made for interesting reading. I just was curious at how long it would take Christopher and his team to figure it all out.

This story had me at first since it is a character that I am fairly familiar with. This book did not disappoint for one moment. I hope there is another one in the works because this is a character I would love to read more about.
Chris Grabenstein/ Christmas Book Challenge for AN2R/ Christmas book/ 396 pages/ 5 out of 5