Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Devil's Labyrinth by John Saul

Ryan McIntyre had a hard time as it was with losing his dad in Iraq. Now his mom had met a new guy and he was not too happy about it. Things only seemed to get more unusual when Ryan goes to St. Isaac’s. Father Sebastian has just joined the school and it seems two boys have come to tragic ends. And there seems to be a lot of disturbing thigns going on and so Ryan wonders what is really happening. Then Ryan gets to find out firsthand by spending a lot of time with Father Sebastian. He witnesses the transformation a couple of his fellow students go through and tries to fight it. Supposedly Evil is being cast out but slowly Ryan comes to see that it is being called forth. That ritual has not happened since the Inquisition and starts to draw the eye of the Vatican. It may finally bring Hell on Earth.

Ryan keeps thinking about his dad and the crucifix that was given to him. He hopes things will go well for him. He knows his mom is just looking out for him but he is afraid to leave her because he thinks her boyfriend will move in then. Even though Ryan just lost his dad, he is just not ready for a whole lot of change. Once he gets to know some kids it seems to go better. Though there are a lot of weird things going on and he just hopes to study and do well. He has no idea how wrapped up in it all that he will become.

Of the ones I have read so far by John Saul this one creeped me out the most. Not just it became close to home but that the whole controlling of others part was too believable. I could see something that happening in real life. I was pleased with how well in depth Mr. Saul put things together. It was scary but I knew going into this book that it would most likely be high on the creepy scale for me. Yet his writing style keeps me coming back for more. That is why I give this a 5 out of 5. I can’t wait to read more of his books.

368 pages/ John Saul/Thriller/ 5 out of 5

Okay so I have not posted in awhile but things have been crazy! I hope to read some more soon. Having a three year old and the terrible threes is stressful! lol Well off to read books for review. :)